Institutional Biosafety Committees
with currently approved registrations
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Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Oakland Medical Research – Troy, MI (Advarra)
Oakland University
OB.GYN Associates of WNY (CBS)
Obstetrics and Gynecology Associates, Inc. (WIRB)
Occidental College
Oceane7 Medical & Research Center, Inc. (WIRB)
Oceane7 Medical & Research Center, Inc.– Miami, FL (Advarra)
Ochsner Clinic Foundation (WIRB)
OCT Research ULC – Kelowna, BC (Advarra)
Ogden Clinic Grand View-CCT Research (CBS)
Ogden Clinic, P.C.-Mountain View/ CCT Research (CBS)
Ohio State University, (OSU)
Ohio University
OhioHealth Research Institute (WIRB)
OhioHealth Research Institute – Columbus, OH (Advarra)
Oklahoma Cancer Specialists and Research Institute, LLC- Tulsa, OK (Advarra)
Oklahoma City Clinical Research Center (WIRB)
Oklahoma City VA Health Care System
Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, (OMRF)
Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences
Oklahoma State University, (OSU)
Old Dominion University, (ODU)
Olive View–UCLA Education and Research Institute HGT (CBS)
Olivio Medical & Wellness Centers – Chicago, IL (Advarra)
Ology Bioservices, Inc.
Olympus Family Medicine/CCT Research (CBS)
Omega Medical Research – Warwick, RI (Advarra)
Oncology Associates of Oregon, PC (USOR) (CBS)
Oncology Hematology Care – Malsbary Road (CBS)
Oncology Hematology Care, Inc – HGT (Advarra)
Oncology Hematology Care, Inc. (CBS)
Oncology Hematology West PC dba Nebraska Cancer Specialists (WIRB)
Oncology Hematology West PC, dba Nebraska Cancer Specialists - Grand Island (WIRB)
One Health Research Clinic Atlanta, LLC – Atlanta, GA (Advarra)
OnSite Clinical Solutions, LLC (CBS)
OnSite Clinical Solutions, LLC – Charlotte, NC (Advarra)
OnSite Clinical Solutions, LLC – Salisbury, NC (Advarra)
Ophthalmic Consultants of Boston (HGT) (CBS)
Ophthalmic Consultants of Boston and Boston Eye Surgery and Laser Center (Advarra)
Ophthalmic Consultants of Boston, MA (WIRB)
Ophthalmic Consultants of Long Island (BRANY)
Ophthalmic Consultants of Long Island (WIRB)
Ophthalmic Consultants of Long Island – Oceanside, NY (Advarra)
Ophthalmic Consultants of the Capital Region (WIRB)
Ophthalmology Associates (ADVARRA)
Optimal Research (Advarra)
Optimal Research – Huntsville, AL (Advaarra)
Optimal Research – Peoria, IL (Advarra)
Optimal Research, LLC - Austin, TX HGT (CBS)
Optimal Research, LLC - Huntsville, AL HGT (CBS)
Optimal Research, LLC - Melbourne, FL HGT (CBS)
Optimal Research, LLC - Peoria, IL HGT (CBS)
Optimal Research, LLC - Rockville, MD HGT (CBS)
Optimal Research, LLC - San Diego, CA HGT (CBS)
Optimal Research, LLC – Austin, TX (Advarra)
Optimal Research, LLC – Melbourne, FL (Advarra)
Optimal Research, LLC – San Diego, CA (Advarra)
Optimed Research – Columbus, OH (Advarra)
Optimed Research LTD (CBS)
Optimum Clinical Research Group – Albuquerque, NM (Advarra)
Optimus Medical Group – San Francisco, CA (Advarra)
Optum - MSP (WIRB)
OptumCare Cancer Care (WIRB)
Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center – Fountain Valley, CA (Advarra)
Orange County Lennar Foundation Cancer Center
Orange County Research Institute – Anaheim, CA (Advarra)
Orange County Retina Medical Group (WIRB)
Orchard Healthcare Research Inc. (WIRB)
Orchard Park Family Practice, PC (CBS)
Oregon Health & Science University, (OHSU)
Oregon Oncology Specialists (CBS)
Oregon State University, (OSU)
Oregon Urology Institute (CBS)
Orlando Health Cancer Institute (WIRB)
Orlando Health Cancer Institute – Orlando, FL (Advarra)
Orlando Immunology Center (WIRB)
Orlando Immunology Center – Orlando, FL (Advarra)
Orthopaedic Institute for Children/Orthopaedic Hemophilia Treatment Center (WIRB)
Orthopaedic Pain Specialists (Advarra)
OSF Saint Francis Medical Center (WIRB)
Ospedale San Raffaele (WIRB)
Osteoporosis Medical Center (Advarra)
Otrimed Clinical Research – Edgewood, KY (Advarra)
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (WIRB)
Our Lady of Lourdes Memorial Hospital, Inc. (CBS)
Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health – Baton Rouge, LA (Advarra)
OyaGen, Inc.
P&I Clinical Research, LLC – Lufkin, TX (Advarra)
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Pacific Northwest Research Institute
Pacific Northwest Retina (WIRB)
Pacific Northwest Retina – Bellevue, WA (Advarra)
Pacific University
Paddington Testing Co, Inc. (ADVARRA)
Palm Beach Research (CBS)
Palm Beach Research Center (WIRB)
Palm Beach Research Center – West Palm Beach, FL (Advarra)
Palm Harbor Dermatology d/b/a TrueBlue Clinical Research – Tampa, FL
Palm Harbor Dermatology PA d/b/a MOORE Clinical Research, Inc. – Brandon, FL (Advarra)
Palmetto Pediatrics, PA – North Charleston, SC (Advarra)
Palmetto Retina Center (WIRB)
Palmetto Retina Center - Florence (WIRB)
Palmetto Retina Center – West Columbia, SC (Advarra)
Palmetto Retina Center LLC – Florence (Advarra)
Palmetto Retina Center, LLC (CBS)
Pan American Center for Oncology Trials (CBS)
PanAmerican Clinical Research (WIRB)
PanAmerican Clinical Research – Brownsville, TX (Advarra)
Papillion Research Center/CCT Research (CBS)
Paradigm Clinical Research (CBS)
Paradigm Clinical Research - Littleton, CO (Advarra)
Paradigm Clinical Research – Redding, CA (Advarra)
Paradigm Clinical Research – San Diego, CA (Advarra)
Paradigm Clinical Research Centers, Inc – La Mesa (CBS)
Paradigm Clinical Research Centers, Inc – Wheat Ridge (CBS)
Paradigm Research, Redding (WIRB)
Paragon Rx Clinical – Garden Grove, CA (Advarra)
ParaTechs Corporation
Parexel International – Baltimore EPCU – Baltimore, MD (Advarra)
Parexel-Early Phase Clinical Unit, Los Angeles (CBS)
Parkview Hospital, Inc. d/b/a Parkview Research Center (WIRB)
Parkview Research Center– Fort Wayne, IN (Advarra)
Partnership for Research on Vaccines and Infectious Diseases in Liberia PREVAIL (WIRB)
Partnership for Research on Vaccines and Infectious Diseases in Liberia PREVAIL (WIRB)
PAS Research - Clearwater, FL (Advarra)
PAS Research – Tampa, FL (Advarra)
Pasadena Clinical Trials (Madison Ave) – Pasadena, CA (Advarra)
Pasadena Clinical Trials – Pasadena, CA (Advarra)
Patient First Clinical Trials – Nottingham, MD (Advarra)
PCPMG Clinical Research Unit, LLC – Greenville, SC (Advarra)
PeaceHealth ( CBS)
PEBsci, Inc. Kevin Pawlik / Southern Research
Pediatric and Adolescent Center – Southgate, MI (Advarra)
Pediatric Associates dba Mercury Clinical Research – Houston, TX (Advarra)
Pediatric Associates of Fall River – Fall River, MA (Advarra)
Pediatric Center dba Mercury Clinical Research – Richmond, TX (Advarra)
Pediatric Research of Charlottesville, LLC – Charlottesville, VA (Advarra)
Peninsula Research Associates (CBS)
Peninsula Research Associates, Inc. (WIRB)
Peninsula Research Associates, Inc. – Rolling Hills Estates, CA (Advarra)
Penn State University, College of Medicine, Milton S. Hershey Medical Center
Pennington Biomedical Research Center – Baton Rouge, LA (Advarra)
Pennsylvania State University, (PSU)
Personalized Orthopedic Research Institute (ADVARRA)
Peters Medical Research, LLC (Advarra)
Pfizer Centers for Therapeutic Innovation
Pharma Research Associates, LLC – Miami, FL (Advarra)
Pharmaceutical Research Associates (Advarra)
Pharmaceutical Research Associates, Inc. – Salt Lake City, UT (Advarra)
Pharmaron CPC, Inc. (WIRB)
Pharmaron CPC, Inc. (ADVARRA)
Pharmaron CPC, Inc. HGT (CBS)
Pharmax Research Clinic – Miami, FL (Advarra)
PharmQuest Life Sciences, LLC (CBS)
PharmQuest Life Sciences, LLC – Greensboro, NC (Advarra)
Phoenix Children's Hospital
Phoenix Children’s Hospital (CBS)
Phoenix Children’s Hospital (WIRB)
Phoenix Clinical, LLC (WIRB)
Phoenix Research Center, LLC – Miami, FL (Advarra)
Phoenix VA Healthcare System
Physician Care Clinical Research, LLC (WIRB)
Physician Care Clinical Research, LLC – Sarasota, FL (Advarra)
Physician Research Collaboration (Advarra)
Physicians’ Research Options, LLC (Advarra)
PI-Coor Clinical Research – Burke, VA (Advarra)
PI-Coor Clinical Research, LLC (CBS)
Piedmont Cancer Institute, PC (WIRB)
Piedmont Eye Center - Lynchburg (CBS)
Piedmont Eye Center – Lynchburg, VA (Advarra)
Piedmont Healthcare, Inc. (WIRB)
Piedmont Research Partners, LLC (Advarra)
Pines Care Research Center, LLC (WIRB)
Pines Care Research Center, LLC – Pembroke Pines, FL (Advarra)
Pininos Pediatric Services – El Paso, TX (Advarra)
Pinnacle Research Group, LLC (WIRB)
Pinnacle Research Group, LLC – Anniston, AL (Advarra)
Pioneer Clinical Studies (CBS)
Pioneer Research Solutions, Inc. – Houston, TX (Advarra)
Planet Biotechnology Inc.
Plant Genetics Research Unit at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
Plum Island Animal Disease Center, United States Department of Homeland Security
PMG Research of Charleston, LLC – Mount Pleasant, SC (Advarra)
Podiatry 1st HGT (CBS)
Polana Caniço Health Research and Training Center (CISPOC) Instituto Nacional de Saúde (INS) /United States Military HIV Research Program (MHRP)
Ponce Medical School Foundation Inc. (WIRB)
Ponce Medical School Foundation Inc. / CAIMED Center – Ponce, PR (Advarra)
Port Therapeutics (WIRB)
Portland State University, (PSU)
Portland VA Medical Center (Advarra)
Portland VA Medical Center/Medical School Oregon Health Sciences University
PPD Clinic (Advarra)
PPD Development, LP – Austin, TX (Advarra)
Praetorian Pharmaceutical Research, LLC (WIRB)
Prairie Eye Center Ltd. (CBS)
Prairie View A&M University
Precision Clinical Research – Sunrise, FL (Advarra)
Precision Clinical Research, LLC (WIRB)
Preferred Primary Care Physicians – Uniontown, PA (Advarra)
Preferred Primary Care Physicians, Inc. (WIRB)
Preferred Primary Care Physicians, Inc. – Pittsburgh, PA (Advarra)
Preferred Research Partners, Inc. – Little Rock, AR (Advarra)
Premier Family Medical, LLC- CCT Research (CBS)
Premier Family Physicians – Austin, TX (Advarra)
Premier Health Research Center, LLC – Downey, CA (Advarra)
Premier Medical Associates- The Villages (CBS)
Premier Research Associates, Inc. – Miami, FL (Advarra)
Premier Urology Group, LLC (Advarra)
Prestige Clinical Research Center, Inc. (CBS)
Prestige Clinical Research Center, Inc. – Coral Gables, FL (Advarra)
Prime Bio. Inc
Prime Care Clinical Research – Laguna Hills, CA (Advarra)
Prime Global Research (WIRB)
Prime Global Research – Bronx, NY (Advarra)
Prime Medical Group – Gilbert, AZ (Advarra)
Prime Medical Research – Coral Gables, FL (Advarra)
PrimeCare Medical Group/Victorium Clinical Research – Houston, TX (Advarra)
PriMED Clinical Research – Dayton, OH (Advarra)
Princeton Center for Clinical Research – Skillman, NJ (Advarra)
Princeton University
Prisma Health Cancer Institute (CBS)
Prisma Health Cancer Institute – Greenville, SC (Advarra)
Prisma Health-Upstate (WIRB)
Proactive Clinical Research LLC - Edinburg (WIRB)
Proactive Clinical Research LLC - Sarasota (WIRB)
Proactive Clinical Research LLC – Fort Lauderdale (WIRB)
Proactive Clinical Research, LLC - Fort Lauderdale, FL (Advarra)
Proactive Clinical Research, LLC, Closner Blvd - Edinburg, TX (Advarra)
Proactive Clinical Research, LLC, Trenton Rd - Edinburg, TX (Advarra)
Probe Clinical Research Corporation – Riverside, CA (Advarra)
Profound Research LLC - Detroit (WIRB)
Profound Research LLC - Oceanside (WIRB)
Profound Research LLC- Clarkston (CBS)
Profound Research LLC- Farmington Hills (CBS)
Profound Research LLC- Oceanside (CBS)
Profound Research_MHP_Clarkston – Clarkston, MI (Advarra)
Profound Research_MHP_TriAtria – Farmington Hills, MI (Advarra)
Profound Research_SMG_Oceanside – Oceanside, CA (Advarra)
Progressive Clinical Research – Bountiful, UT (Advarra)
Progressive Clinical Research – San Antonio, TX (Advarra)
Progressive Medicine of the Triad, LLC (WIRB)
Progressive Medicine of the Triad, LLC– Winston Salem, NC (Advarra)
ProHEALTH Care Associates, LLP (WIRB)
ProHealth Care, Inc. (WIRB)
Prohealth Research Center – Doral, FL (Advarra)
Prolato Clinical Research Center – Houston, TX (Advarra)
ProMedica Toledo Hospitals (WIRB)
Prostate Cancer Centre (CBS)
Protein Advances
Protein Potential, LLC
Providea Health Partners – Evergreen, IL (Advarra)
Providence Portland Medical Center, (PPMC)
Providence Regional Cancer System (CBS)
Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center & Children's Hospital (WIRB)
Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center - Burbank (WIRB)
Providence St. Vincent Medical Center – Portland, OR (Advarra)
Puget Sound Blood Center
Pulmokine, Inc.
Purdue University
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